The ultimate guide to writing a memorably bad cover letter to inhibit your job search.

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6 Responses to “10 Tips to Write an Awful Cover Letter”
  1. zaxmanusa says:

    How do you address a letter to a person who posts their company as “CONFIDENTAL” and there is no way to know the persons name?

    Dear sir/madam?

  2. icramer says:

    Regarding addressing the letter “To Whom it may Concern”…I agree that it is better to find an actual person to address the letter to, but if you’re not 100% sure that that person X is going to be reading the letter, should you still address it to person X? What if Person Y ends up reading the letter?

  3. lukegranger89 says:

    i find this guy very amusing how he explains things, laugh every time

  4. hisapprentice says:

    So if all interest for employment is required to go through HR do you address your cover letter to the HR executive that you are sending it to? (Ms. or Mr. ____ can you share my interest?) My company does this so that the applicant doesn’t know who will be doing the interview and hiring. Most likely to protect them from unwanted phone calls or emails? In my case the HR executive compiles the applicants and then gives them to the hiring manager for review.HR does not review them. Please advise.

  5. NescoResource says:

    @susiewyk what a truly excellent question. Employment lawyers are going to have a field day with the whole issue of online background checks precisely because the employer will know race, ethnicity, approximate age and likely issues regarding health and interests. The fear revolves around documentation. An attached photo to a hard copy is undeniable proof of employer knowledge. A visit to your LinkedIn page can go unnoticed and undocumented. This issue has potential to go nuclear.

  6. susiewyk says:

    Mr, Heaney… HURRAH! And the juicy sarcasm only adds to the deliciousness of the message. But question about photos… if so many recruiters look at profiles on LinkedIn, they’ll know what you look like. Are you saying that job seekers shouldn’t have profile shots? And lots of folks are using for their online resumes. I am far more likely to be interested in a profile with a photo than I am to one without. And shouldn’t the link to one’s profile on LinkedIn be included?

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