In this video I’m giving Christian women 15 banging questions they should ask men before they get involved with them. This video is actually for the Christian women that really want a godly man and not just a man that goes to church. If you want the questions you can either email me at pastorcox@p4cm or hit me up on facebook under pastorjustincox.

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25 Responses to “15 Questions Christian women need to ask a man before getting involved with him.”
  1. Randy2020 says:

    @juicywusea most people are doing multiple for witch i dont undertsand why put when women multiple date men its a diffrent story put what if god told uto find somebody else even doe you date 5 diffrent women that wasnt for u

  2. JuicyWuSea says:

    I feel dating is just a area for emotional and physical comfort, therefore if you are dating, you are not depending on God to 1. Find you the perfect husband/ wife, your dating to “try out” multiple partners to find the one, which means your not trusting God to fill you and find you someone perfect. 2.Your setting yourself up for heartbreak which can be damaging to the soul and you are settling yourself up for temptation to have ungodly bonding, such as sex. Locked lips lead to locked hips. ;)

  3. Moneyshotdrama7 says:

    I am a Christian but if I had to go through all this and made into an interview or if I had to meet church members to be down my throat, I would leave as fast as I can.

  4. walksbyf8h says:

    @ceeker248 ” love events and music like everyone else but if we are serious about being Christ centered we need to take some time and learn sound Christian doctrine.” You said a mouthful! Amen to that!

  5. ceeker248 says:

    Not to be funny but i do not think many women in church could answer these questions correctly let alone men, I love events and music like everyone else but if we are serious about being Christ centered we need to take some time and learn sound Christian doctrine.

  6. JuicyWuSea says:

    Thank you for this video, i needed it. I’ve been so confused on what I should look for in a guy. It’s hard you know.

  7. jfwhitt05 says:

    This is awesome. As a young man, 24, this causes me to examine my heart and my relationship with God in reference to dating and in my relationship with God as a whole. God Bless you Pastor J.

  8. Tra1n3rfromH3ll says:

    Interesting point…I quit dating because I got sick of women not respecting themselves and apologizing for it.

  9. MrNickKane says:

    Love these questions! Posted them on my facebook. However, I have yet to find any Scriptural evidence to support the American concept of dating. I used to date but quit two years ago when I could not find any support for it the Scriptures. Anyone been able to find Scriptural support for this? And please, don’t tear something out of context. I have been studying theology for nearly 20 years and can tell when this is being done. I am being sincere. Message me if you would like.

  10. kthename08 says:

    I love this video, a wonderful eye opener.

  11. beauflower121 says:

    wow your good…keep them coming.

  12. LOJETE85 says:

    @mizzreddy I didnt say he said it was wrong. I was just simply stating that I dont believe that its wrong.

  13. tcanencia says:


  14. smic7781 says:

    @Jessicametoplay i love this as well, i had a male friend who tried toplay me lol, i pray for him still…

  15. kataang222 says:

    ROFl hes so funny!!!! hhahahhaa i lvoe him now!!!

  16. defoesgurl says:

    @evangelistsantified write it down!

  17. marlessangela says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
    MAN! I so so SO agree. Right off the bat with numero Uno… that is SO important- espicially in this day and age! *Cough Emergent church* cough* Christian Universalism…*cough


  18. srjordan100 says:

    Pastor, with all do respect these are great questions for a woman looking to be saved by a man however, Ladies/Gentleman read Matt 6:33.

    If you need more understanding read how the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: 1 Kings 3:1-11

    You don’t need hard biblical questions to ask a man “Ladies” or a woman “Fellas” before getting involved.

    Keep on praying Pastor.

  19. LetsMakeUp21 says:

    if you worked in my local church i’d actually go lol x

  20. chouavue2 says:

    nice list, but sometime God call us to marry someone that not in Christ for many reason.

  21. BigTy68 says:

    Is there a text version of these questions? I couldn’t get past his self-congratulatory comments about how deep and profound his questions are.

  22. Felisha23luv says:

    True! this one guy that said… he was a christian, came with that
    I was  raised in the” chruch i was baptize when i was younger “,wow
    ladies take heed to this

  23. jmathis35 says:

    Very thought provoking questions! They go right to the heart and motives.

  24. evangelistsantified says:

    How do I get a copy of those questions?

  25. sluggo06 says:

    Y’all ever heard of Hells best kept secret?

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