www.rightrecruiting.com – 2011 Salary Tips and Salary Negotiation Ideas are discussed with Top Professional Recruiters, including valuable advice on Professional Job Searches, Top Employment Opportunities, and valuable suggestions on salary negotiations for Young Professionals in 2011. “We know your career is very important to you. We hope our video production of the ‘Jen & Jeff’ show can help Young Professionals better manage the various aspects of the employment process,” states Jeff Zinser, Executive Recruiter and Owner of Right Recruiting. Salary Structure and Salary Negotiation are major factors in any Professional Job Search. What are the components of a comprehensive Salary Package? How does an employment candidate know whether they are receiving the best salary package for the job? These and other employment related questions are addressed in this segment of the “Jen & Jeff” show. Professional and Executive Recruiting is our Business. Right Recruiting aims to be the lowest cost provider of high-quality recruitment services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. From Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster PA to Princeton NJ, Trenton NJ, and Wilmington DE, Right Recruiting leverages Retained and Professional Search practices to provide value to both employers looking for the best candidates, and individuals looking for Top Professional Employment Opportunities.

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