Do you know the signs for when it is time for a relationship to end? In this video Godsgirlg discusses 6 signs that it is time to end a relationship. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “6 Signs that it is time to end a relationship”
  1. fantastic7heaven says:

    YouTube is an awesome resource´╗┐ for Christians! I wish I had access to videos like this before I got married, I had nobody to talk to or ask questions and to counter my own thoughts. I’m glad you are back! :)

  2. Mrbaltimore2001 says:

    #5 I heard a number of married people say, what makes their marriage work is being´╗┐ best friends with the person they married, & not relying on just romance. You need to have a strong friendship, with your spouse, because their will times in your relationship being romantic (i.e sex) may not able to happen, for health, or distance reasons, and a strong friendship is what keeps the marriage going.
    Love you videos, very insightful

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