Along comes “Mr. Right”… Well, It “feels right” but you want to Make Certain that it’s God’s Will. Here are Nine Bible-Based Questions (and Cautions) to Ask Yourself before you Make a Final Decision About Your newest Boyfriend and Allow him to Completely sweep you off your feet. If you think you’ve found “Mr. Right” your “Soul-Mate” and “Dream Man” that God has Finally Blessed you with… Warning, Proceed with Caution! God’s Word (& God’s Will) give Very Clear Relationship Revelation for Single Christian Women in 2 Timothy, chapter 3. The Apostle Paul wrote this revelation and prophecy to Timothy as a warning about the Character and Class of Men who would be Future (now modern) members of churches in the Final Days. This also Contains a Specific Warning Message for Single Christian Women… dating, divorced or widowed… this message is for Every Single Female who truly wishes to make the Right Decision and Find the Soul Mate that God Approves and Blesses them with. Whether you Heed this Warning or Choose to Ignore it, You Will Live with the Consequences of your Choice for the remainder of your natural human lifetime. Wait for your Prince… Don’t get Stuck with the Frog.

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25 Responses to “9 Tips for Single Christian Women – How to Find God’s Will, and Mr Right, in your Love Life.”

    Haleluyah! I believe my man is that chosen one, but like u said.. can’t rush it, gotta wait on Gods timing. For we serve an on time God who will supply all our needs.

  2. cobbax9916 says:

    amen plus 1 !!!

  3. A. Nonymous says:

    this can happen….the Lord still does work in His most mysterious ways….

  4. maria pera says:

    The 9 questions are a more black and white questions. There’s alot of good man without a Job right now. We cannot look for money in a man only. Also, remember when we come to God our past has been forgiven and is gone. We’re a new creature. If he is a true man of God the past shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Jane Lim says:

    Interesting video!

    Another great video to watch is called: “Single Women Must See! DON’T SAY I DO! by Orna

    A woman today does not necessarily have to say I Do! to be happy, successful and respected, not even to be a mother. Modern women can have it all without marriage. Freedom of choice to carve your happiness in life is above all! Unmarried and divorced ladies today are common and single is a very sexy word.

    See also dontsayido[dot]com to learn more on this trend!

  6. AIRDAM1 says:


  7. berrywoke says:

    Best advice Date an athiest. They are more honest, careing and rational.

  8. cobbax9916 says:

    thats true many play games. Yes some men (and women) do hurt
    as many as possible its a power thing but when they sleep with someone
    and not married (or married to another) they spiritually tie themselves
    to the person they sleep with and its dangerous in the spiritual.
    Its forbidden by God.

  9. 200991602 says:

    People are sort of brought up to play games.It’s like in high school teens think it’s cool to do so.Depending on if an individual woman thinks she needs that.Every woman needs a different relationship.For some women sex is very important but it depends on the woman wether she’s more into sex or communication like at meals or something.But it depends on the men wether they care or not.Some men do though think it’s cool to hurt as many women as possible,for some not all.

  10. cobbax9916 says:

    Well often men and women play games. Men should be a hero…
    brave, strong, uplifting, ready to defend a woman if she’s abused… kind to animals and people and with a reverence
    for God. Sadly there’s not too many about (I dont know of any). Lots of christian men are not heros also. Men have to realise to keep a woman happy doesnt mean sex
    it means doing activities with them, taking them for meals or just out, going where the
    woman wants to go, being kind in their speech etc men dont care.

  11. 200991602 says:

    But it depends on individual experiences.Many men are used and left.People out there in the world have very different experiences than what people expect to happen.Men are sex objects to women also.Too many women are given a Cinderella dream by society so it makes solme vunerable to whatever comes their way.There’s even a book called The Cinderella Complex.Too many women look for a hero in a man instead of finding the hero within,

  12. cobbax9916 says:

    as I remind you it happened to me… and my husband saw me before he met me
    and as I said the Lord “gives dreams and visions” and not just about what you
    want Him to give them about !!! cheers over and out.

  13. embracingreality says:

    Yes of course the God gives dreams and visions as the bible tells us, but it doesn’t describe any such scenario regarding mates. WE chose our mates or in biblical times they were often arranged. I would pay more attention to the Bible and less to the middle men who claim to represent it…

  14. cobbax9916 says:

    p.s. Derek Prince is on youtube although hes deceased now.

  15. cobbax9916 says:

    Derek Prince is/was a well known international bible teacher and highly
    respected. He told this himself as well…. how he had a vision of his second wife.
    The Lord does give dreams and visions. Not always to everyone
    as many have ordinary dreams and think its from God….. but He does to

  16. embracingreality says:

    Why in the 1000+ pages of the Bible are there no examples of this? Say whatever you like and believe whatever you like but I’m telling you it’s because it’s not the case. I’ve had al kinds of dreams that I could try to weave into some sort of prophecy of things that happened but it would just be a fantasy, for effect. Christians do this all the time, especially Charismatics and Pentecostals. In most cases all you have to do is an honest assessment of their lives to see they’re not really led’.

  17. cobbax9916 says:

    Yes but …I KNOW the Lord sends the woman to the man where true
    christian men pray about it. Has happened in my family twice. My husband
    had a dream of me before he met me with the hairstyle I had at the time
    and all. Also one of my sons has had a dream of his future wife..even
    seen his wedding, felt wedding nerves etc. He had this when he was
    a kid and he’s not even into girls yet ha. So the Lord does send the woman
    to the man. Even tho no girls for another son right now one will arrive

  18. embracingreality says:

    Understand, when the scripture refers to men it must be taken into context, “men” often translates into mankind which includes every last woman on the planet. You live in an age of the vile an perverse generation, women like men are exceedingly promiscuous. Women have now willingly aborted around 50 million of their own children. Women are selfish, materialistic, manipulative, dishonest at the same rate as men, just look around. Remember it was first Eve who committed the original sin.

  19. embracingreality says:

    Google> dalrock.wordpress
    Search that site ” Warn men: Beware Christian marriage doublespeak and hair trigger for wife initiated divorce.”
    This is a Christian site written to enlighten single young men about the devastating risks of choosing the wrong’ Christian woman for a wife. Considering suicide rates are the highest for divorced men this epidemic is in some cases literally deadly. Until men wake up the problem will persist. Regardless of the choice of bride men take most of the risk now.

  20. cobbax9916 says:

    yeah the courts can be really against fathers …a lot of women are just
    out to use kids as pawns and rip men off for money. Oh dont talk to
    me about feminists they’re the scourge of most peoples existence these
    days they’re vile. Many are lesbians also. Feminists have caused the breakdown
    of the family unit. Whats the blog you speak of?

  21. embracingreality says:

    Most divorces are wife-initiated and most are ‘no-fault’, most common reason listed- dissatisfaction. Understand the courts will give her primary custody of the children even if he wants them. She’ll get the home, most available cash. He’ll pay child support/alimony and this is enforced at gunpoint. His child visitation is not.
    All of this will be true even if she cheated and he was a decent husband.
    This is what the feminists have done to family courts. I urge your son to read the Dalrock blog.

  22. embracingreality says:

    “Heard of it happening”? I’ve heard of all kinds of unscriptural things happening in churchianity. Most Christian couples will say at one time or another ‘God brought us together’, it’s a cute thing to say. Statistically half of them will end up in divorce. Churches are full of divorce and like the world most of those were initiated by the wife simply because she wasn’t haaappy. God hates divorce and infidelity is the only reason he allows it. Church is not teaching that as it’s feminized.

  23. cobbax9916 says:

    The Lord does send a woman to the man …I’ve heard of it happening a few
    times. Derek Prince (now deceased) bible teacher, had a vision of his second
    wife (he was a widower). Best to pray for the right mate. I must say I agree
    with you my son whos 29 and I have been to a few churches and there are no
    eligible women there (not that he’s looking hard) but its impossible to
    meet anyone there and my son is a nice looking tall caring christian man. We
    can only pray he will meet the right one.

  24. cobbax9916 says:

    in response to the video….not everyone attending church is good. I’ve come across
    the biggest nasties in churches. Some are “away with the fairies” and dont even know
    anything about real life. I’ve come across horrendously nasty “pastors” too. Their reward
    awaits them. I’d say see how a man is Monday – Friday also not just on Sundays.
    Of course he must be born again. Jealousy in a man can be dangerous too.
    Dont marry a man who is emotionally devoid and stuck in childhood – IT HAPPENS.

  25. cobbax9916 says:

    women do it to “prove” they are desired by someone as they age. But it
    never works out….. the boys have their fun, tire of those women and move on
    and it leaves angry mixed up women. To the boys the women are just a sex object too… But in saying that many older men
    become depressed, despondent, want to sit on the couch,
    never want to go anywhere or do anything and some women have rotten lives.
    Then of course there are abusers ON BOTH SIDES. But for those into just sex
    it fizzles out.

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