Everything that ends in jection is fun! REJECTION! LETHAL INJECTION! ERECJTION? Anyway, today in AiU, we’re exploring the dream crushing, heartbreaking part of job hunting – the rejection letter. I don’t know who thought of them, but I think I’d rather just never know and keep hoping I’ll get a call (7 million years later).

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24 Responses to “Adventures in Unemployment: Rejection is FUN!”
  1. stocktonkc says:

    She’s clearly copying JennaMarbles, is she not?

  2. PinoyPlaya4LifeTV says:

    Most fun unemployment video I’ve seen.

    Others I see are lazy people just complaining how they are unemployed and still not job searching… meanwhile… you are continually looking and still being positive even after every rejection letters you get.

  3. metal5666666 says:

    Did you already get employment?

  4. Mark Magill says:

    This is definitely Stand-Up worthy material…good stuff!!!

  5. rickbangkok says:

    America was sold out years ago by both political parties and their corporate owners….

  6. Redwillowfox says:

    :)  Optimism!!!

  7. itowedin says:

    I wish there were some way that unemployed people with obvious intelligence like yourself could get a 60 second advertisement spot saying what you said here. Not aimed at any political group or company, but just a general blanket statement that would reach millions and hopefully change some minds of HR people and company policies that the application process needs to be streamlined a little.

  8. samlovesjodie says:

    We would love to see you in Sacramento at Good Day Sacramento. You and Mark S Allen would make a good team.

  9. samlovesjodie says:

    We could use you at CW31/CBS13 in Sacramento. You and Mark S. Allen would make a good team.

  10. onviant says:

    Shared your video on FB.

  11. DudeX01 says:

    Love you AJ. Your ship will come in!

  12. Sandman267 says:

    Weird that you still havent been hired. I guess you need something ‘for yourself’ and not help some company make something boring.. Can’t you take Randamity to the next level?

  13. Speed Racer says:

    Vast Knowledge of Gilmore Girls and a Howard Cosell Impression…your hired

  14. aiaek says:

    keep fighting! Don’t give up!

  15. ShanghaiOrBust says:

    dis vid wuz lackin boobs. we wont mor boobs!

  16. ikindaloveyoufee says:


  17. dmanero says:

    I know exactly what you mean, I wish people would just come out and give it to you straight and forget about that they might hurt your feelings, hell I’d respect you more if you didn’t beat around the bush. this would also apply with finding a date. Not that you have to worry about finding a guy to out with you, hell they probably lining up outside as we speak.

  18. jillpoo3 says:

    I can eat more cheese than you! I would bet the farm on it!!

  19. MidiPunk says:

    It could be worse! You could have to get up at 5am tomorrow to get ready for the 90-minute commute.

    You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of not liking French Toast. Weirdo!

  20. KeyworkAssassin says:

    im getting sick of looking and being rejected as well… been looking for almost 5 months now…. i even have a degree… grrrr…. i feel ya…

  21. scottmhoward says:

    lol amazingly creative, honestly.

  22. PlanetBierwagen says:

    I love the rejection letters you get that pretty much must have been put in the mail within seconds of your interview ending. *sigh*

  23. amvbob says:

    I know, cool, right???? :)

  24. scottmhoward says:

    AJ, did you use your green screen to make it a blue screen behind you? lol

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