This is an inspirational video clip of the Afghan Worship song “Qodos” (Holy), produced by Radio Sadaye Zindagi.

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8 Responses to “Afghan Christian Worship Song “Qodos””
  1. beachman007 says:

    nice song but is it a woman or a man’s voice?

  2. goodnewsusa says:


  3. Shottymad says:

    GBU Afganistan

  4. Ioanna74 says:

    God bless Afghanistan

  5. Keniter says:

    keep up the good work!

  6. JestRight says:

    Hauntingly beautiful… my favorite worship song.

  7. jrzfrsh1 says:

    Praise the Lord! God bless you.

  8. JestRight says:

    haunting beauty…. fitting for a song by people who face osctracism and persecution for their faith. a gentle reminder for those of us christians in the west who forget what our faith has cost those who passed it down to us

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