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2 Responses to “Ask Ramit: Asking for a Raise”
  1. trosanelli says:

    - Since her goals were in line with my goals, she helped me receive my great raise. BTW, if you are thinking she’s a brown-noser, that’s fine but you are the one getting the 2.5% while we were getting great raises. And rightly so because we were contributing to the businesses’ bottom line. These other people were just showing up and collecting a paycheck. If you are getting sub-par raises and your boss gives you some excuse, read as, you suck and someone is getting your extra money.

  2. trosanelli says:

    This video is right on the money. As a manager, I had one employee (out of 14) that would ask a few times through the year, straight out, “What can I do for YOU this year to get a raise?” She’d write it down and create a performance metrics. At her yearly review, she’d have her performance metrics and goals ready. I was allocated 3% to give per employee. I would make an excuse to everyone else (the economy, biz down) and give them 2.5%. This employee got the extra, which was 8%.

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