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5 Responses to “Ask Ramit: Finding Un-advertised Jobs”
  1. tommyisastrategist says:

    Think of it like dating. If you try to take a girl to bed by leading off with “Hey want to sleep with me?” you’re probably going to get shut down pretty quickly.

    But if you spend the time to get to know her on the phone, then plan a date around what you learn about her, then most importantly be patient… well it will be much more rewarding that way.

    Same rules apply with strategic networking. Lead with “Hey can you do this for me person I don’t know.” You’re likely to get shut down a lot.

  2. tommyisastrategist says:

    All depends on how you go about it. Most people are either on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re following them and keeping an eye out for ways that you can “help” you might find the most random unrelated way to break the ice. I found a difficult to find CD for a popular blogger once, and had it shipped to her house. cost me $15. That action lead her to promote my work resulting in way more than $15.

  3. Straddllw says:

    Hey Ramit. So how exactly do I “give something back” to my network? Especially if I try and get into contact with those people whom I don’t even know? You mentioned alumnis from your college and university? If I contact them with the purpose of trying to find a job, wouldn’t I be “asking for stuff”?

  4. fnoperi says:

    lol, haha. cool video.

  5. egranata says:

    2:06 cracks me up. Sage advice though. Networking is reciprocal. I’ll bet there is something I can do for those in my network other than buying them lunch every now and then.

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