Equipment vs. Consumable Sales – Peggy McKee (Snr recruiter – PHC Consulting – specializing in medical, laboratory, healthcare and clinical diagnostics sales and support personnel) explains the difference between the capital sale and other types of sales.

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4 Responses to “Capital Equipment Sales vs. Consumable Sales- Get Hired!”
  1. MedSalesRecruiter says:

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  2. MoneyMatthew says:

    Sheesh recruiting can be a tough and thankless gig…Do you have to play nice with the HR Department or do you skip them by dealing with the VP of Sales?? How hard is it to get a retained search going in this economy??? The only good thing about a bad economy is it has to humble the hell out of certain candidates out there! hahhaha

  3. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    Surgical is good (you have to get up early to be in surgery). I think being a female is a postive! Good Luck.
    Thank you for the great feedback. Tell your friends, comment on my other videos, rate my videos, and share my videos on your myspace or facebook account or on twitter!
    I love referrals.

  4. millionairediva says:

    Is surgical/spine the way to go? I am still learning the different areas, but I always here that spine and surgical sales is the best. Also what advice will give to a female trying to get into medical device sales? I am told it is a alpha white male industry and I have no chance. What can i do to make sure I have a fair chance?

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