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Charles Spurgeon once gave a sermon called, “The Wordless Book,” where he demonstrated the Gospel using only three colors. This was adapted and used by Chinese missionaries in the 19th Century with a fourth color to represent the eternal kingdom. On Saturday, April 25, 2009, there were tons of kids out for their prom night in downtown Denver. Several evangelists and I went down to the 16th Street Mall to preach, witness, and minister to them. I used, “The Wordless Book,” to preach to them.

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Part nine of Rescued by John Bevere. Enjoy

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The Inside Edition host shares how gratitude changed her life.

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Recycled Reading Previously enjoyed books

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Book Two in The Oak Grove Chronicles series – Christian Fiction – Post-war, 1946. Humor, mystery, and romance. In Stranger in Our Midst, author Sharon Travers takes you along for the ride as storms brew in Oak Grove surrounding the strangers mysterious purpose, the developing and complicated love of a young couple, and the towns impetuous, elderly widow, who is convinced the Yankees are after her silverware.. Follow the adventures as Stranger in Our Midst leaves you laughing, crying, and eager for more.

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Okay, so it’s not really an INTRO. I plan to put it at the end of vids in the hopes of warding off that evil copyright demon. And if it doesn’t work… it’ll be at the end. You can ignore it. :P SO I used every single movie I have in this one! If it’s in there, I can make it. Requests are welcome. :) Also, the only voice over in the whole thing, is one of my favourite quotes of ALL time. If you can’t understand it, it is Sir Frank Peretti(THE best Christian fiction writer out there, aside from Lewis and – though many people disagree – Ted Dekker) himself. “He chewed his way into the straw! They met, they mated, she ate him.” I couldn’t resist adding it, since it fit so well. :) Song: Tobymac; Ignition Movie(s): Enchanted; The Hangman’s Curse; FullMetal Alchemist (Season 1); Pirates of the Caribbean; Eragon; The Chronicles of Narnia 1,2&3 Making time: Around two hours I OWN NOTHING! If I did, would I be making this? Probably… but still.

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Available at… Wagon of Fools and Other Parables by Samuel Benjamin Gray is a collection of seven parables told as short stories, each with a very particular and important message. More video book trailers at

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Video Book Trailer for “Cursed Blessing” Shrouded in secrecy, the Ark of the Endowment has remained hidden for millennia. Those fortunate enough to know of its location have but one task: to keep its contents from being stolen. Like Pandora’s Box, the legend says that anyone who partakes of its sacred contents will invoke divine judgment upon the world. But who is to say that it cannot be used for good? Who could resist the temptation of its promise: eternal youth? Brent Venturi owns and operates a library in Palm Cove, Florida, that has been in his family for generations. But unknown to most, his simple life and dedication to structure have been engrained in him by a career of elite military service. As the retired captain of a group known only as the Phantom Squad, he has no history or records on file, and he remains the property of the United States Government. His rigidity and devotion have cost him dearly; his service has left psychological and physical scars, and he is emotionally distant. When the heirlooms of a man he hardly knew show up unannounced in his office, his everyday routine is shattered. Cursed Blessing is a rollercoaster thriller that will keep you guessing at every turn. Each revelation leads to more questions, cryptic warnings, secret maps, and shady allies. When the last guardian of the world’s most important secret is dead, who can be trusted?

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