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  1. masontheiii says:

    That was pretty much in coherent.

  2. SuperMusicology101 says:

    your right franciscodudfule people whoare of a demonic mind would say these things thats why this world is in the state its in the advisary wants to steal kill and destroy marraiges first then get to the kids this world is dying and people don’t realize it we know not all preachers are right but you have see whats going on and take the blinders off please find out for yourself this si about relationships not and i repeat not religion, religion enslaves a relationship with God empowers

  3. marloniai says:

    That’s the Marine Corps

  4. LelaBay says:

    I understand that compromise is crucial in relationship, but when your spouse does everything just in opposite of common sense,and drugging all entire family in chaos ?

  5. Scopps94 says:

    filmed with a calculator

  6. ComeAllYouWeary says:

    Filmed with a potato

  7. TheLittleWhiteStone says:

    Thumbs up for bad quality

  8. franciscodudeful says:

    Look at all your comments. Yes you empty cold hearted frigid and insipid people. This guy here is trying to help people out with good and you guys come up with crappy comments insulting him and our faith when hes doing nothing wrong. Then what if he had to act like that Fred Phelps maniac? Youd call him a christian nutcase. You people make me sick.

  9. mistereveready says:

    This is a very sad video. So many minds were systematically being corrupted. Religion truly is a virus of the mind.

  10. rg0057 says:

    Joel Osteen is creepy. 

  11. sevandyk says:

    Is his spouse named Joe? interesting, interesting.

  12. Madz1987 says:

    Mass brainwashing and group delusion session for profit…… lovely

  13. menakadilsha says:

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  14. zelda0521 says:

    I thought they were gonna say ” This is my Bible, there are many like it, but this one is mine….”

  15. MARISADEBBIE says:

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  16. roshiniemes says:

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  17. pdisanyaka says:

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  18. lavonnajenny says:

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  21. siththee says:

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  23. saumayable says:

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