Christian Dating Redefined Trailer – by Cache’ Connections Featuring Dr. Stephen W. Simpson This trailer features just a few highlights from the video that can be purchased at There’s a lot of confusion in the dating world today, especially among Christian singles. The Bible doesn’t provide step-by-step instructions on how to date, leaving singles to flounder in a world filled with mixed messages and an “anything goes” philosophy. The confusion and lack of guidelines are contributing to the singles population crisis that we are now experiencing in the US., which is over 50% of the population. So, how can we put an end to the relationship confusion and the issue of marriage avoidance? Is there a formula for dating success? Cache’ Connections has partnered with Dr. Stephen W. Simpson to provide Christian singles with concrete, life-relevant advice in order to meet singles where they are today… to redefine Christian dating. You’ll enjoy Dr. Simpson’s casual approach as he walks you through the dating process, from stabilizing your identity in Christ to managing romance in a God-pleasing manner.

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