“The Other Daughter is a story of forgiveness and love that will touch your heart. This moving novel will keep you reading until the end, and the warm characters will live on long after you’re finished the last page.” Endorsement by author Christy Barritt. The Other Daughter is written by Miralee Ferrell and available now for pre-order on www.amazon.com and www.christianbook.com It releases in October, but you can order now and not be charged until it ships. Check out my website for the complete opening scene at w3.gorge.net/miralee/author.html

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4 Responses to “Christian Fiction Novel–The Other Daughter”
  1. Jvergara says:

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  2. miraleef says:

    You sweetie, you! Thanks for leaving a comment here, that just got your name in a drawing for a free book that I’ll sign…so if you win, you’ll have to give away the one you bought. Thanks so much for believing in me and ordering my book, I’m humbled and blessed by your friendship. Miralee

  3. galeavenue says:

    Sorry Miralee, I forgot to post my online name to the above response to The Other Daughter ….
    it’s from me “Winona”(Shoutlife)

  4. galeavenue says:

    I found you on youtube!
    I’m waiting patiently for my book from CBD about “The Other Daughter”. Nice teaser promo for the book!

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