Well yeah it says episode 1 but this is still just me doing things on a whim. But if people like it I might make more of these.

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5 Responses to “Christian Fiction Theater 6000 Ep.1”
  1. MommyAIAI says:

    don’t listen to those a-holes. that was great!

  2. jamminjago says:

    Well—- looks like I probably wont be making more of these lol.

  3. sapperbloggs says:

    And WTF does this have to do with ‘To The Australia Day Hypocrite’?

  4. sapperbloggs says:

    yeah, sorry man, but this is pretty shit. You seem to be capable of putting together a decent quality video, but the content in this is crap.
    Longwinded. Not funny.
    And it’s not as if I’m offended by the anti-christian message, I’m an atheist.

  5. kayjames888 says:

    why did i click on this?

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