Many Christian singles have been asking when is the right time to start dating again, many of whom are divorcees. The best thing you can do is ask questions that will truly build your life in the ways of God and in your romantic life as a Christian single, a life that is overwhelmed by peace, good health and joy. Divorced Christian singles are people who have faced a lot in the line of love and dating. They are not like youthful Christian singles, who are upbeat about entering the world of Christian dating with zeal and enthusiasm of finding their right match. The life of a divorced Christian individual who has been harboring ideas of re-entering the world of dating is mired by many thoughts and factors. The Christian divorcee has been hurt before, probably by the divorce, and he/she might not be ready to start another dating instance so soon. They first take their time as they deduce themselves and grovel over what really went wrong. It is after some time that sees a lot of soul searching on their part that they eventually decide to try out dating again. Christian singles are then left with the question of whether when, how and with whom to start a Christian dating. Many facts that govern their beginning of dating surround them, and sometimes making a decision is really hard. The first thing that crosses the mind of these Christian singles is the fact that the court of the Union must have occasioned and accepted their divorce but does the Bible, and God in that instance, accepted it? This is not a problem to torture your mind at all, since the bible is categorical. In the book of Mathew 5:32, the bible accepts your divorce if at all the other partner to the relationship had been committing fornication or sexually endeavors outside your marriage. The bible also gives the Christian singles the right to begin dating once more, as Corinthians 7:15 say that you can if your partner is not a believer of the Christian doctrine and he/she has chosen to leave your union. You are a Christian and since the bible is your guide and God your witness, there must be a reason for your divorce which the bible acknowledges, and if it is absent you have no choice but to remain with your spouse and remain faithful. You do not belong to the Christian singles circle and you are not alone. This is the predicament of many and you should not worry; pray for your partner as you continue with your life, and don’t forget to ask God to restore your marriage to what it were in the beginning. In addition, in case the other partner who has already divorced you has decided to marry again, you can go ahead with a novel Christian dating as it fits the criteria set by Mathew 5, and even consider marrying again, in case the Lord God has put in your heart that you do so.

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