Clown in the Prayer Closet movie trailer … teenage Christian fiction… What happens when you rebel against the WORD of GOD? Are there consequences? How does your life impact others? Denise thought she knew it all at 16 years old, until she decided to come home from church and take off the “Armor of GOD” and put on something “fly”. Little did she know that taking off her armor in the middle of battle was the worst mistake that any soldier could make.

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  1. chynadoll7x says:

    HEYYYY! it’s always good to see more Christian movies being made. You go girl!! Good luck to All the cast for future features. :)

  2. anointedandblessed says:

    God is Good! This trailor really touched my heart. may the blessings of the Lord be with you and the vision he has given you. Continue to be excellent!

  3. mackandmove1 says:

    May the lord continue to move in the lives of his people. And use them to bring Glory to his name. Jesus is Lord.

  4. hisladyj1 says:

    You go girl..Nobody can say quite like you can..Do I see nominations in the near future?..thanks for giving my kids their 1 sec (or less) debut..Can we move it up to Summer 2010..I can’t wait

  5. cbreeze707 says:

    This looks like a good clean relevant Christian movie; I’m looking forward to its release in Fall 2010… by the way my wife is an “extra” in one of the scenes…

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