Trailer for the new show Edward John: The Chase. For more information or to buy the DVD, visit

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7 Responses to “Edward John: The Chase Trailer 01”
  1. Bittedanke1000 says:

    Yes this i believe! Now i have the purpose to wright you; thank you! :+))))

  2. Bittedanke1000 says:


  3. katrkahn says:

    GOD bless you Edward John with everyone you meet, everything you do, and everywhere you go, you are a huge blessing to our Father GOD’S kingdom, in Christ Jesus name, Amen!!!!

  4. kellysexson says:

    We need more men like Edward John! He is awesome! There is nothing greater than a christian man that is humble, sweet, and loves to have fun, while inspiring so many people! K.Sexson

  5. XfeelsliketonightXx says:

    Excellent video, we hope many more will soon … lol
    Thank you very much
    God Bless You


  6. xTwilight182x says:

    Hi Edward John!
    Your video is amazing!


  7. sheluvs2fly says:

    He’s Scandanavian, gorgeous and Christian!

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