Taylor Thomas is left searching for a job after his employer of eight years fires him due to the bad economy. Taylor begins the roller coaster ride of the job search process. After eight interviews and eight rejections, Taylor is left feeling baffled. Two of the companies seemed ready to hire him. But, it’s as if something happens between the interview and the hiring decision that changes their mind. All of his hope is pinned on the last remaining company… Is something keeping Taylor from getting a job? LEARN YOUR RIGHTS: Go to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse at www.privacyrights.org and read Fact Sheets 16, 16a, and 16c.

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5 Responses to “Employment Background Checks: Know Your Rights.”
  1. Txwes12122012 says:

    America locks up 1/4 of it’s own population and holds the world record for locking up it’s own people. Freedom LMAO. These background checks keep people from working where the crime has nothing to do with the work. It should work like this, DWI’s = no job selling alcohol like a bartender, Child abusers shouldn’t work in day cares or schools ect, thieves shouldn’t be able to work in a bank or accounting ect somewhere where they could grab cash in large amounts and run. you get the point right?

  2. cb5705cb5705 says:

    Right-to-work is often misconstrued. It doesn’t mean the worker has a claim on the job regardless of circumstance — it merely means the employer cannot compel an employee to join a union or pay union dues as a condition of employment. In some states fair labor laws may aid workers with privacy and other rights, but right-to-work applies to a different context entirely.

  3. cyberlis101 says:

    @Redtigerlady2 I’m not sure I follow, what do you mean by “Except in states known as ‘Right to Work’ states!” From what I read and understood, “Right to Work” states are prohibited from discriminating against people who apply for employment but do not wish to join a union. How does the “Right to Work” legislation affect ones right to privacy?

  4. PrivacyToday says:

    @Redtigerlady2 Hi there! When you say “Except” what are you referring to?

  5. Redtigerlady2 says:

    Except in states known as “Right To Work” States! Look it up!

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