A New way to hire or get hired. EXACTME is a search engine that simplify recruitment for employers and career opportunities for employees, by changing the rules of the game. Employers get to become professional headhunters and get semantically matched candidates to their search query while job seekers get to nurture their profile and have opportunities come looking for them.

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25 Responses to “EXACTME! – Hire or Get Hired”
  1. amitpun97789 says:

    thanks very interesting for me.

  2. Dededededede55 says:

    A very helpful video especially for recruitment.

  3. Ilijana95 says:

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  4. srijpsrijp says:

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  5. lovetoosumit says:

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  6. menaka4u says:

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  7. igorcerogi says:

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  8. MusicForTehWin says:

    Great approach for this hiring programme, it could be very useful!

  9. GossipHome says:

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  10. martijnroth says:

    Looks good. I’ll go visit the website right now!

  11. galihpa says:

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  12. shabbirfazy says:

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  13. ade0111 says:

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  14. dcdweerawardhana says:

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  15. CHUONGTK says:

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  16. babybluelf89 says:

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  17. wassymj89 says:

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  18. dcdhanushka says:

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  19. alexfpato says:

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  20. darkokumkd says:

    Very Exact information which everyone who wants to be employed has to know and use them!
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  21. roal021 says:

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  22. judetularges says:

    This concept presented here is outstanding. I would have never thought of that. Wow!

  23. sentot3582 says:

    I like the visualization of this video. It’s very interesting and also unique.

  24. Cvija93 says:

    very helpful video! :) I really like this!

  25. flynrider35 says:

    i want to get hired nw!!

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