How did you find your perfect job? Share your story and inspire fellow job seekers.

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7 Responses to “Finding the Perfect Job”
  1. IndeedJobs says:

    @PongoResume Thanks!

  2. PongoResume says:

    This is a great video! It really captures the emotions of the job search process

  3. jacstant45 says:

    it feels great to have any job, let alone a perfect job. but I do remember getting that call. it’s weird how those are among the best days of your life. it’s just a freaking job!

  4. ruffdice says:

    I haven’t found the perfect job yet, but I can certainly relate to the angst and aggravation with searching so many job boards, registering with what feels like hundreds of job search sites and getting nothing but ghosts and resume keepers instead. I must admit, is refreshing in that sense, easily the #1 aid in my search.

    ….if only it could interview for me too!

  5. nyrecruit says:

    I keep hearing candidates complain about the job search process and how it is truly a full time job. My advice is to keep positive and keep at it. There is a perfect job out there for everyone. I think this video shows that well.

  6. blondie77757 says:

    @JacksonM334 Ugh me too.

    I can definitely relate to the people in this video. You just need to make sure that you are using the right resources and dedicate enough time… i loved my job alerts. Having the right job is such a relief!

  7. JacksonM334 says:

    It was a long process, but I found my dream job by being *patient* and lots of networking.

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