Gospel Speed Dating Plus on Sweetest Day Detroit 2011 hosted by author Kim Brooks www.kimontheweb.com

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2 Responses to “Gospel Speed Dating PLUS in Action!”
  1. VickyVue says:

    I soooo hate I missed it Kim, hopefully next year, I thank God for your creativity in your ministry because nobody came up with such a great concept except you! Thank you lady!

  2. SuperTruth77 says:

    Last week my brother went to a ‘Bullet Sex’ house party. It was a cross between an orgy & speed dating.

    There was an even no. of men & women (about 20 each) Everyone stripped naked & was given the number of their first sexual partner- then every 60secs a buzzer would sound & you had to go on to the next one. Everyone got rated on ‘performance’ & there were high-score prizes at the end.

    I asked my bro about STD risk but he just laughed. Dunno- it all seems so cold & mechanical to me.

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