www.TheDatingPond. Kris Anderson, dating blogger and radio talk show host, admits her dad is woo’d by the very guy who jumps over the railing to catch her attention while she is having brunch with mom and dad. Dad thinks he is a keeper; Kris says “Dad, let me have a first date.” Mom says: “God, I”m glad I’m married!” … gatta WATCH how her date unfolds … it’s hilarious. Read the full story in her book “Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales & Insights from The Dating Pond”, chapter: Hanging with my Parents. For more information on Kris Anderson and The Dating Pond … **Visit her website – www.TheDatingPond **Email – kris@thedatingpond.com **ON THE WEBSITE – Listen to her national radio shows, download her just-launched dating eBook, and submit your own crazy dating stories. **PINTEREST … pin her new book – http Follow Kris … **Twitter – www.Twitter.com

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