Job quitting is a bad idea! Make sure you got something lined up before you quit. Its hard on your family and friends cause there ones that will have to save you financially. Sorry this was short was very important i get some sleep but ill make it up to you tomorrow love u guys :) *********FLY WITH ME************ Filmhawk FACEBOOK TWITTER ************************************

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20 Responses to “Hawkvlog – JOB QUITTING”
  1. eggflipper777 says:

    Click on my name, to see my videos of how, I’m finally quitting my job. This is by far the easiest way to make money online, i have ever found! This defiantly Works, See the proof on my Videos.

  2. 98wq1 says:

    some companies pay people to advertise on other websites, you could try that, but that doesn’t sound to stable though. Also use Google ad sense, once you start making a lot more videos i’m pretty sure you’ll get paid well.

  3. CurrentlyDisconected says:

    Hope it went well mate

  4. NFfilmz says:

    when you get the job, go to the factory, say “FUCK YALL, I QUIT! WACHOW BITCHES!!” and walk out ;)

  5. AdamK28 says:

    I always enjoyed mindless work it left my mind free to dream of a better job;) Good luck man.

  6. The98Funnyman says:

    Well as I said I have a few secret aces up my sleeve. And if all goes according to plan I’ll let you know.

  7. HawkVlog says:

    i would love to do that man…hell YT would be awesome but everyone around me isn’t making that possible right now. I might look more into the other opprotunitys online

  8. HawkVlog says:

    approved! :)

  9. thedarkangelXxXx says:

    good luck!!! i hope you get hired and you like the job =)

  10. GigaGrim says:

    Good luck Josh! Just make sure you confident! all of us here know you can do it!

  11. ace77man says:

    Good luck dude Brother

  12. Rhodsie82 says:

    Hehe, very begining was like the last episode, :P had to bring it up. You’re awesome btw. Love ya!

  13. D22Responses says:

    Oh, I also sent a video response to this :-) 

  14. D22Responses says:

    I really hope for the best for you Josh! Nursing home eh? They pretty much pay for MY bills :-) Other than that, I hope you do get it. Prayers to you man :D

  15. bradenkaufman says:

    dude im 15 make 280 a month peapole say that getting a job is hard its not even if your job sucks and u qweit come work with me

  16. Cistric says:

    Good luck Josh.

    Find and get that job you’re happy with.

  17. Bivolari says:

    You will prevail.

  18. TheOrange Hornet says:

    good luck my friend, and may the force be with you, :)

  19. The98Funnyman says:

    Have you ever tried looking for ways to make a living online dude? There’s loads of ways to make a living online without even breaking a sweat. You just gotta look around. I personally have a few plans up my sleeve, but I haven’t put them into motion yet just in case I missed something and it all goes bat crazy.

  20. Adam Powell says:

    Good luck dude, hope you get the job. :D
    As a matter of interest, what is this new job?

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