In this interview gone wrong, job-seeker George applies for a position at a call centre. Captured on hidden camera. For great tips on how to prepare for job interviews, handle the tough questions and follow-up like a pro, check out the Workopolis Career Resources Centre. We have all of the expert advice you need . See more of George’s job search captured on hidden camera at:

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16 Responses to “Hidden camera – Candidate’s job Interview goes wrong”
  1. itsmecalling says:

    @HeyImTalon Ummmm, you can hide more than one camera. :)

  2. Faulkner18FTW says:

    Perfect! Except you spelt “Don’t” wrong at the end.

    … Yes, I get it, it was a joke. Calm yourself. Sorry, that was a little rude, has this been satisfactory, have I dealt with all your, uh, issues?

  3. fatchickenswitnoribs says:

    Well I don’t wanna disappoint your mom.

  4. HeyImTalon says:

    lol “Hidden Camera” yet there are like 3 different camera angles

  5. deniousp says:

    @scooterkid15 +1 for mad observation skills.

  6. SirMrJames says:


  7. theBCdream says:

    These are funny videos!

  8. MyTVHasLinesInIt81 says:

    @scooterkid15 its a conspiracy. better look into this. o.O

  9. scooterkid15 says:

    why is there no 1:43?

  10. SteddyFlossn says:


  11. hurmpfff says:

    nice ending

  12. Vanosome says:

    @tightlywound thats not the point, they’re creating buzz with a funny ad campaign.  Its a creative way to get people talking, watching and thinking about workopolis. They obviously don’t help people like this find jobs, that would be stupid.

  13. itsmecalling says:

    @themelonic Which guy did you see?  The Candidate or the Interviewer?

  14. tightlywound says:

    So…workopolis helps people like this, who no one in their right mind would want to hire, get a job…
    Yeah…if I was an employer and I saw this ad, I think I’d stay away from your site.
    But on the plus side, the ad was funny.

  15. Skyfish187 says:


  16. themeloninc says:

    I saw this guy at the Quadrant house party last week… is he an actor or a broker?

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