If you enjoy interacting with people, like to dress well, and need a job that doesn’t require a lot of training, you might consider finding work as a host or hostess in a restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop. Entry level job search and internships.

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8 Responses to “Hosts and Hostesses Restaurant Lounge and Coffee Shop”
  1. amplivoxsound says:

    A good host or hostess can set the tone for a diners experience and perspective of the restaurant.

    Having the right host/hostess and host/hostess stand is imperative in creating the perfect dining environment that brings patrons back again and again.

    My company makes host stands and sound systems, click on my channel to see some videos!

  2. MiyakoTheFoX3 says:

    I felt like yelling “LIES AND SLANDER!” when watching this video lol.

    I just started working at a Bob Evans and its NOT a low stress job.
    Most of the people I work with will tell you that Hostess is worst then a Waitress position.

    You DEFINITLY! need to be a people person to do this job.
    If your like me and that doesnt apply DON’T become a Hostess. (people can be real assholes!)

  3. pink4m3 says:

    i used to be a hostess at outback. i’m a girl and it’s so much fun cuz we can all dress up (as long as the clothes are black) and just look pretty.

  4. SickAudi says:

    haha. yo first thing just dont be nervous, act like you own the place. walk in with confidence saying you can do it. its not hard youll get the hang of it eventually

  5. gshineman says:

    Hey Dude well im a lil nervous im a new Host at Applebee’s nd 2day’s my first day idk what to do man im so nervous

  6. bnita25 says:


  7. SickAudi says:

    low stress and easy huh?, definelty hosting at my work is not easy you have to be well organized, and always counting the tables to see what waiter/waitress is open to serve

  8. cjcreativemarketing says:

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