www.phcconsulting.com www.phcconsulting.com Peggy McKee (Snr recruiter – PHC Consulting – specializing in medical, laboratory, healthcare and clinical diagnostics sales and technical support personnel – field service engineers, applications specialist, phone support, etc. ) explains how to ace the behavioral interview and get the job! Get hired now using tips and techniques that Peggy describes to put your best foot forward in the interview process. job-search-success-secrets.com www.phcconsulting.com youtu.be

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19 Responses to “How to ace the behavioral interview and get hired today!”
  1. khunarak says:

    Great video!

  2. louchobbema says:

    Talking about behavior… why dress as a woman?

  3. TheBLACKKING25 says:

    You definitely come across as very professional and knowledgable, thank you for this ma’am

  4. kurtpadilla794 says:

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  5. samanthajefferson657 says:

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  6. tamradickson209 says:

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  7. andreabuck235 says:

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  8. andreabuck235 says:

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  9. MedSalesRecruiter says:

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  10. chitterman1987 says:

    Is she a dude?

  11. fackyoutoobe2 says:

    I wish I could just pull a number and get the job all this is too much the go online and never hear back, the crazy interview tactics that won’t really describe who somebody really is and the resume hounds that care more about how its formatted than the information that it provides. I would almost rather stand on a corner with a sign than go threw this.

  12. xAfricana says:

    Dang, good interview, but on a more interesting discovery…
    If you have mozilla firefox, and move your mouse cursor rapidly from the +Add button and the respective ‘down arrow’ button under the video,, the tab window of firefox glitches into ‘Loading’ and the stop button glitches between red and gray

  13. 5gblaST says:

    I love it!

  14. chezacookie1 says:

    your very bland when you speak, even though you are providing good information. Just some good feedback.. try to show more personality when you talk.
    p.s who you see is not me!!!!

  15. porslynprincess says:

    thank you for this :)

  16. vinlata says:

    very helpful info and good examples

  17. pcmatt2000 says:

    Excelent instruction TY

  18. jjpeterson1 says:

    you have a sexy mouth

  19. MedSalesRecruiter says:

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