You know that it’s the job for you. You’ve done all the reading, and you understand that working as a flight attendant isn’t all glamour and excitement. You know there’s hard work and commitment involved, and that the money – well, no one becomes a flight attendant to get rich, after all. It doesn’t matter – you’ve got your mind made up, and you’re about to embark on a flight attendant job search. Here are some tips on conducting a flight attendant job search that will help you. Visit our site for more information. http Part 2 of 2 here

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24 Responses to “How to Become Flight Attendant -Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Kimberly Ann de Guzman says:

    Hi i’m 17 turning 18 i really really want to be a flight attendant… I was born in the philippines but i live here in vienna .. I’m planning to enroll in one of the tourism school here and i think it would take 5 years for me to finish that school,. I just wanna be a ground stewardess here at vienna international airport can someone give me some advice on how can i fulfill my dream??

  2. عبد اللطيف شمس الدين says:

    hi I’m a man i’am 23 old , 181 cm is my height , i wanna be a flight attendant with emirates airlins what would you advice me yo do for fulfill my dream ??????

  3. babydollheartsmakeup says:


  4. Yasmine Alami says:

    i’m joining emirates next month; i’m EXCITED

  5. Boo Monsterinc says:

    You must be able to reach 212 cm ;)

  6. MissChaceurz says:

    oohh wooow i want to work for ek!!!! :)

  7. Miriam Vanzo says:

    Do you need to speak a fluent arabic in order to be able to aplly for a job with Emirates??

  8. mercedesloverbmw says:

    You have to be at least 21 :D

  9. obj799 says:

    till this days EK tried so hard pinching every crew in this whole world, they cant even beat the service from SINGAPORE GIRL…… ur a great way to fly…

  10. Tycho55123 says:

    This watermark will be removed after registered

  11. suchy93able says:

    hellow there its make me feel so proud to join in this airline emirates.
    im from zanzibar (tanzania) i am 19 years old my height 5’9 i can speak english,kishwahili & nw im studing spenish, i can swim but most in comman i love to talk..hope to see my self there soon

  12. navvvvvvvvvvful says:

    I met someone on a different airline almost a month ago (ironically the time you posted this comment) and he was about 32! His job was behind a desk before he joined the airline. So yes im sure there’s no harm in you trying to ring up emirates and see what happens!
    Good Luck!

  13. flycabincrew says:

    For information on cabin crew, tips, upcoming interviews, real life experience as a cabin crew and more please check

  14. Mohit Pathak says:


  15. jarrellf69 says:

    I want to work for this company im a male from us and im 28 will they hire me

  16. Charry2777 says:

    hello I love to join and work with this company. I’m from Philippines. 24 years of age. but I’m just 5’2 and is I have few scars on my feet can i still join? since i was small its really my dream to become one.thanks you any advice?

  17. hajer nour el deen says:

    @scorchedcandy No dear u jst need to speak English am a cabin crew with emirates and this is all what u need

  18. hajer nour el deen says:

    So proud to be a part of this community am having the best years of my life with emirates

  19. 11pamC says:

    love emirates

  20. ZEBELLAAKK says:

    But you wouldnt want to see that Crew in a Crash Landing Situation would yaa ??!!!

  21. Viel Chavez says:

    my height is 5′ 7 i am 15yrs old, i am quite good in english, i can swim, and when i turn 21 i will definitely apply at emirates. see you there guys!

  22. Bashir M.Bello says:

    Not really my friend just joint emirates she don’t say a word in Arabic her English fluency is not even anything to write home about but we encourage her and she made it

  23. EmiratesEK425 says:

    they have the old uniform

  24. Tasmir alam khan says:

    you have to take traning in frankfinn institute it is one year cors  god beless you..

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