Now for the good stuff: finding and applying to jobs!

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10 Responses to “How to find a job fast! (part 5)”
  1. bubblesxxxo says:

    ugh why cant i use this in the UK!!!!!!!

  2. strey75 says:

    I bet she would of saw me if i was a chocolate cake.

  3. bhrynosaurus says:

    LOL “hey! I didn’t see you there”

  4. anynickwilldofine says:

    If you need tips on how to find a better jobs there’s no better place like SUPERJOB4U . com They post lots of articles filled
    with useful tips!

  5. trinidad718 says:

    i always find that when i submit resumes on these sites i dont get responses. somehow i feel like you have to have connects with the employer or no someone who works there to get the jobs.

  6. coldblood274 says:

    I bet these witches are probably prostitutes!

  7. MIKEDUBOU says:

    No jobs on that god damn website!

  8. FATALMAMUKA says:

    ‘ hey i didnt see you there…’ ! LOL how lame is that…


    Actually big job sites like this especially in this economy is proven to be the least effective method to find a job unless you are in an upper level management

  10. forrun1098 says:


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