– Did you know that traditional job searches leave you at a disadvantage? Why? Simply put, there are a lot of unadvertised jobs that you are overlooking everyday. If you do not know about these hidden jobs. its because you have been looking in the wrong places. Its time to do something different! In this video on job search strategy, Jim Stroud gives tips on how to prospect the hidden job market. Tune in now and PLEASE share with other jobseekers in your network. *** Want more info on how to be found by recruiters (and get hired fast?) Follow Jim Stroud on Twitter Follow Jim Stroud on Facebook Read The Hidden Job Report to find jobs BEFORE they hit the online jobboards. Subscribe to this channel now!!! (Please)

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16 Responses to “How to Find Unadvertised Jobs In The Hidden Job Market”
  1. jimstroud says:

    @TheBTRIPP Thanks for passing it on. All of these comments are encouraging me to do an updated version of this. Hmm…

  2. TheBTRIPP says:

    Great info … I’ll be featuring this next week in the “link dump” of The Job Stalker blog. Your suggestion about adding “Resume of” in the title of my web resume never occurred to me, and I’m going to be adding that to my .html resume and the .pdf version (which I’ll also be posting) … very helpful!

  3. jimstroud says:

    @mikeshorin Thanks! Glad you like. Pass it on.

  4. mikeshorin says:

    Great video, awesome advice.. and it even made me want to try some of the Boolean Google searches :) Keep us posted on new information. Page already shared on the book of faces

  5. jimstroud says:

    @LawLaSoul Thank you! I appreciate that. Yes, please pass it on. ;-)

  6. LawLaSoul says:

    Amazing advice! Following and Sharing the insight.

  7. shengjinzhao says:

    An eye-openner for me, thanks!

  8. ResumeBearNetwork says:


  9. jhkelly88 says:

    good tips.. hope they work ~~~

  10. TheMjauuuuu says:

    Great Video! Much Tips and positive spirit!

  11. jimstroud says:

    @kaniganj Thank you for the kind words and support! I appreciate it VERY much.

  12. kaniganj says:

    Hi Jim, very good video, lots of information and methods to do your job hunt differently! I liked what you have to offer so much that I posted it on my job search advice blog at

    I have articles that your viewers will find useful as well. You’ll see, too, that I very rarely post other people’s content at all. Keep up the good work!

  13. elisaLp says:

    Thank you! I am interested are you able to give out some tips for the European job market?

  14. archangel275th says:

    Good information to know and use.

  15. tcampain says:

    great info. will use

  16. Kisheye1 says:

    thanks for the tips. I hope they work. 

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