View Full Video: A special career and internship speaker exclusively for Leeds students. Tom Siciliano shared his insights from leading Fortune 500 sales organizations, as well as consulting and writing on the most important choice of any young person’s professional life: finding a fulfilling career that aligns with their vision and passions. Specific topics of the event included strategies for marketing yourself as you begin career and internship searches and discovering the “hidden job market” through strategic personal networking and connections. Tom Siciliano is a career expert and a highly requested speaker to organizations and corporate conventions on recruiting, retention, sales growth and creating vision. He has been featured on TV, major newspapers and many national radio programs helping to teach people how to find a career that fits their calling. His book “Shifting Into Higher Gear”, creates a road map to assist people in their career search.

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One Response to “How to Market Yourself and the Hidden Job Market”
  1. MenaceKeys says:

    Question. No disrespect…Watched full video, even took some notes. What I don’t understand is, he applied´╗┐ for 1700 differents jobs before he found one? Yet he is teaching about marketing yourself? And the thing about the golfer bothered me too. He said, he looks like a great golfer until he swings his club. Thats being fake. In my opinion atleast. Why would you want to run around looking like something but when its time to make something happen you cant…1700 jobs…im just saying…

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