Learn how to use picture worksheets to teach kids to read through homeschooling in this free home schooling and tutoring video clip. Expert: Matt Nisjak Bio: Matt Nisjak has been dedicated to education through homeschooling and tutoring for many years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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7 Responses to “How to Teach Children to Read When Homeschooling : Using Picture Worksheets to Homeschool Kids”
  1. TrevorJNoyes says:

    I love your video’s but please don’t say “more neater” after all this is a teaching video.

  2. prakashjeyg says:

    I am a homeschooling parent. Some times parents dont want to change the traditional way of studying like my parents.. And thats sucks. Sorry mate!

  3. jennluvsnkotb74 says:

    This is not even necessary there are so many home schooling kits/books, worksheets look on ebay or in any book store you can get them for next to nothing

  4. orik0n says:

    They must be lazy or too busy. Statistics are supporting homeschooling over regular school.

  5. VolcardoReviewer says:

    i want to be hoomeschooled but my parents said no.

  6. jenwat09 says:

    Good video, thanks.

  7. BizzyBumpyWilson says:

    thank you for supporting homeschooling

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