Jim Stroud demos Linkedin Signal and how to use it to find job leads. This episode marks the end of season 1 of The Jim Stroud Show. Subscribe now to get updates on the next season. (Scroll down for more jobhunting resources.) JOB HUNTING RESOURCES: * Want more info on how to be found by recruiters (and get hired fast?) bit.ly * Read The Hidden Job Report to find thousands of unadvertised jobs! hiddenjobreport.com * Watch JSTN (Job Search Television Network) http * I contributed content to: “Get a Job!” by David B. Wright | amzn.to * I contributed content to: Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 amzn.to * Check out Augmented Resumes! www.augmentedresumes.com PS Do me a favor? * Subscribe to The Jim Stroud Show now bit.ly * Follow me on Facebook: facebook.com * Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com * Tell somebody about my show! Finally, thank you for watching. (Smile) Leave me a comment and I may mention it in a future episode. Yay!

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    Thanks for the “Shout Out!”
    Best Wishes in ALL you do!
    Jayne L. Wells´╗┐

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