www.twitter.com/nancyroder Hi, my name is Nancy. This is my video resume. Please email me at fluffybunnylady@gmail.com if you have any job opportunities. Thanks.

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25 Responses to “I Need A Job – Nancy Roder’s Video Resume”
  1. 666DarkOverlord says:

    it’s amazing how inept some people are that they don’t realise that this isn’t how she really is

  2. xoxpunjabixox says:

    your sweet… i hope you get a job ..

  3. Perfect06600 says:

    3 twice :p

  4. keyboardartist says:

    Hey, this was pretty clever! Hope your video gets up to 1/2 million hits!! :)

  5. PongoResume says:

    Hi Nancy! Maybe you and Dave should start a company together!! You’re quite the match.
    Good luck,
    Pongo Resume

  6. titanlyy says:

    i keep keep keep waiting for her to turn into a uber hot girl, like a punchline. it never came. D:

  7. mull20641 says:

    theres 2 3′s

  8. Jumpyaisback says:

    @Hott4Hill sorry but you can never show enough Cleavage

  9. weweboom says:

    haha when she’s working out her shorts are like up to her neck.

  10. oaaserud says:

    was cute =)

  11. Worrun says:

    this is fucking discusting lol massive turn off and the accent and look makes me want to hit her in the face.. hard

  12. AaronRyan118 says:

    haha i love nancy, should do more vids of her :D i vote ‘nancy on vacation to arkanas’

  13. RockXStarEvan says:

    Oh man.

    When I heard you talk, I laughed out loud so hard XD

  14. thewthew1987 says:


  15. f7rouge says:

    #1, #3……#2?

  16. akagnam says:


  17. redheadsoxfan says:

    i live in oklahoma

  18. bakti3000 says:

    great running skills  ;)

  19. ClickClackRewindItBk says:

    @crismasterson1 Your rebuttal is useless as I wasn’t responding to any specific user when I wrote that comment. Also, I was making a generalization to begin with. You not only misunderstood my words, you commented on a year old comment I made to no direct person aside from Taryn Southern. If you respond to this comment, then please use proper grammar. Mine is not perfect, but I am trying. I shall respond again if it is written with purpose.

  20. leif011 says:

    kinda makes me think of a female forest gump. :D love it.

  21. crismasterson1 says:

    @ClickClackRewindItBk it more immature that you give them attention they are trolls thats want they want and it’s also jackasses

  22. chealsy19 says:

    @thomasschutte1  hhahaha shes a performer.. this isnt real! lol fail

  23. thomasschutte1 says:

    omg, you ugly fuck you shut shame you man… go on street find jobs dont let them came to u ..

  24. DanielR1997 says:

    lol this made my day =)

  25. wildwildwes515 says:

    this girl is absolutely beautiful and has an absolutely amazing voice! she needs to relase an album!!! i dont care if she shows her body or not, i just want to hear her voice:)

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