www.TheDatingPond.com Sorry to say, but the probability of a cute guy sitting alongside you at the bar. And poof! You’re walking down the aisle, preparing to live happily ever after – rarely happens. While a bar is a social meeting place, Kris Anderson is the first to tell you, it’s hard to know if someone you’ve met will really look and act the same in the light of day (ie, without the lubrication of alcohol). So, WATCH HER VIDEO on how to find a romantic partnership at the Bar. For more information on Kris Anderson and The Dating Pond … **Visit her hilarious blog – http **Email – kris@thedatingpond.com **LIKE her on FACEBOOK – www.TheDatingPond.com where you can listen to her national radio shows, download her just-launched dating eBook, and submit your own crazy dating stories. **PINTEREST … pin her new book – http Kris is worth Following … **Twitter – www.Twitter.com

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