Dress Codes, how to conduct yourself and every thing else. Good luck on your next job search!

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25 Responses to “Interview Tips”
  1. symsteeve says:

    I just watched a couple of your videos, I think I have to congratulate you. The contains are very interesting. You guys definitely are very talented and smart, you know how to talk and you sound good (tone of your voice). The acting is great. You are very good at what you are doing…Congratulations!!!….I almost forget you are damn gorgeous and you are Haitians…that’s perfect!!!

  2. Trinidchild2 says:

    thank ya !!

  3. SiblingsSwag10 says:

    Very happy to hear that :-) Congrads

  4. Trinidchild2 says:

    I got the job i wanted , by using these tips . thank you so munch!!!:)

  5. missmirrormirrormag says:


  6. HitStep08 says:

    Auntie Wilma killed me HAHA

  7. LiLDijanae91 says:

    She Smashin Dat Chicken Wang!

  8. LiLDijanae91 says:

    I Love This Women!

  9. tnicky22 says:

    Good interview advice..love yall channel…good to watch when I need a good laugh

  10. cherriesdavis says:

    you are hilarious!!!!

  11. trisha60 says:

    hey this is great! ive just recently done an interview tips video, please check it out! but hope it helps someone! <3

  12. prettycarmencurls says:

    I love your channel, u brighten my day..

    Have a good one Beautiful

  13. just4denise says:

    Your videos are soooooooooooooooo funny!

  14. NovaKane78 says:

    LO freakin L

    FYI: I’d be distracted no matter what Chantale or Karen wears ;)

  15. 225supreme says:

    Whooh! I’ve laughed myself to tears!! Aunt Wilma!! OMG!! I sincerely hope u had as much fun making this (and other vids) as I had watching. When the camera’s not rolling, are you rolling on the floor (ROTFL)?!! U GOTTA be. [excellent editing too!]

  16. trendlonf says:


  17. ik3alv4 says:

    “Can you do a video on hair? No bitch can’t you see this shit ain’t mine” Lmao

  18. Antisatan7771 says:

    hey kay what camera do you use? the quality is just perfect

  19. NewMoon1972 says:

    You guys are crazy as hell, lol. Solid interviewing tips though ;-)

  20. mssmtaylor1 says:

    LMAO @ “no bitch you do a video!”

  21. msbumblebee80 says:

    #DEAD @ Aunt Wilma hahahaha I love these vids

  22. akakesha says:

    lmbooooooooooo u should act i believed the story to!!

  23. akakesha says:

    lmboooooooo at the crackhead lol

  24. thety5489 says:

    another great video. both of yall look amazing and Karen Kay continues to fondle herself, 13:46. I love it, keep it up.

  25. LadiJ418 says:

    Thank you for showing appropriate skirt length because some women really don’t know! lol…love your vids :)

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