www.softwarecareerlaunch.com Some people wonder if computer programming is still a good career to pursue. Here are five reasons why this is still a good profession and five reasons why you might want to consider something else.

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25 Responses to “Is Software Programming a Good Career?”
  1. Beric87 says:

    3:55 Rest in peace headphone users.

  2. NinjazRKewl says:

    Doesn’t look like Ben IMO.

  3. TBN14TC says:

    HOLY sh!T! That was like a snap back to reality moment 3:55

  4. Shakkan Mathew says:

    3:55 what??

  5. paragonx88 says:

    a lot of money? oh this video is from the very beginning of the recession lol…..

  6. ugamer20 says:


  7. ugamer20 says:

    BLA bla BLA bla Bla bla bla………………

  8. anafam1 says:

    wow u made it!!!! 8 minutes and 52 seconds….now u can shut up :P

  9. determinant0 says:

    Glad to hear this! Actually the more difficulty I encounter programming in C++ and the more I feel safe that many would have already given up or would’ve chosen a simpler solution.

  10. determinant0 says:

    Great video! ..but are you sure computer programming can’t make you rich? I’ve seen some salaries on monster dot com and on londonjobs dot co dot uk that were so high I coudln’t believe it! maybe you’re talking about billionaires? By the way the jobs I found had to do with video game web development and the spring/hibernate framework.

  11. liammchenn says:

    what happened in 3:55? It terrified me…

  12. DigAndMine says:

    He looks so American.

  13. agustinbs says:

    i find the continuous changes in the platform, industry, tools as a advantage not a disadvantage.

  14. spechtbert says:

    Ben wtf……you dropped from actor to computer freak?

  15. reecejames3 says:

    @Zuzanac951 those courses sound perfect.

  16. ConspiracyChannel101 says:

    It is actually fun to work overtime, in my opinion. When you are developing something of your own, it tends to be a lot more fun than relying on something else and working with programs that were not of your own creation. It really depends on the person.

  17. Zuzana Conkova says:

    since I like to work on my own, individually, and do something that has only one goal to accomplish, I made some research about computer programming and it kinda attractes me. Because basically what you’re doing is sitting at the computer writing codes, testing the proram you are creating. I selected computer science courses, math, and physics, which I dont know if its necessary to select. So please help me and inform me what I should do in order to become a successful programmer. Thank you!

  18. Chrijz says:

    I heard there´s also often a lot overtime work if you work as a game developer.

  19. toocool2beat says:

    LOL at 2:32 mwahaha

  20. politicaltruth42 says:

    disagree with neg. number 3 but ok 

  21. politicaltruth42 says:

    lol thought same thing

  22. Benjamin Prince says:

    why the fuck does nobody care that the audio cuts out at 3:55? I missed the first negative..

  23. TheSportsbot says:

    MIT opencourseware AND bucky from thenewboston (both on youtube)

  24. sidetrack yo says:

    That pt. about keeping up to date with the latest trends…how can blind ppl who as programmers do that as well?.Through magazines and books in braille mostly?.

  25. mattue84 says:

    really??? either remake or stop wasting peoples time with this bullshit

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