Examples of good and bad interview techniques. NOthing too technical here, just basics on attentiveness, posture, eye contact, etc.

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25 Responses to “Job Interviews: Good & Bad”
  1. xbullet3l0x says:

    OMG! lol thats funny bad part.

  2. rjr27nh says:

    This is funny. Its amazing though, some people will actually answer their cell phones or turn the fucking thing off.

  3. teresagipson515 says:

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  4. poignant4insights says:

    So what was wrong with this interview? Looks like she did alright to me.

  5. Aikia215 says:

    lol come on peek a boo

  6. 22akinf says:

    This taught me nothing, people make subtle mistakes at interview. Nobody is that over exaggerated and the ‘good’ guy is basically average. You don’t get jobs being average.

  7. Highstar25 says:

    Why the Christ is this terrible video part of the UK BTEC I.T syllabus? surely they could have chosen a better video, one which is in, say, a decent resolution.

  8. Roxfernandotorreslfc says:

    I like this video

  9. xxxflywithme says:

    This is so funny, can’t stop laughing.

  10. k9fank9fan says:

    I teach ESL and that was pretty funny to show my students as an example of terrible interview skills. The sound quality is really bad when played through speakers, but the English was much too hard for them so they wouldn’t have understood it anyway. They still got a lot of laughs out of the visuals, up through the cell phone part, and were able to identify many of the applicant’s interviewing mistakes. Thanks for the fun video.

  11. maddymud says:

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    Boss Boss Baby

  12. SalaryNegotiation says:


  13. 19anand says:

    I will say both are bad.. If you focus more on the guy, he kept shakking his legs very often so thats not a good sign in an interview

  14. TrueAgendaSetter says:

    Should have been Bad & Good.

  15. craigrbb says:

    I notice they get a guy to do the good one.. lol

  16. milroytime says:

    ** for funny actual hidden phone camera footage of real interview in London take a quick look at my channel under documentary playlist, where i secretly film my job interview by resting phone on table against wallet facing interviewer, i thought it would be funny to see the shit that ended up being said, i nearly get caught out

  17. MaverickX3000 says:

    @superwoofer21 that part when she answers her phone was just retarded, AHHHHHH! someone’s calling me! the person giving the interview must think she’s psychopathic

  18. dana60cj says:

    I’m surprised her resume wasn’t between here titties! Ha, honestly people act like this?

  19. atlanticcanuck says:

    Can’t fool you eh.

  20. superwoofer21 says:

    the girl is kinda over exagurating

  21. FailureToKeep says:

    hahaha… the interviewee asked the first question and it is related to the salary! overconfidence is not as desirable as its counterpart. thanks for putting a line between a bad interview and a good one. =) Also, I encourage everyone to watch “jobseeker revolution” video. You will love it especially if you are in a job hunt. helpful

  22. naatkins says:


  23. naatkins says:


  24. fabianlimones says:

    Maybe that was the second error.

  25. BBiebigheiser says:

    Good point! :D

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