Oprah’s job search expert reveals how to be a more effective networker and make contacts that will aid you in landing a great new job. Robin Ryan has spent the last 25 years helping career counseling clients just like you land a new, better paying job. She offers career coaching and job search services to clients nationwide. Robin Ryan is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds + You’re Hired, What to Do with The Rest of Your Life, Winning Resumes, Soaring on Your Strengths, and Over 40 & you’re Hired! Following her strategic advice will help you find a new job more quickly.

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3 Responses to “Job Networking: Tips to Land a New Job”
  1. Peggy McKee says:

    I have several videos here on youtube about the most EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH STRATEGY.
    Topics: locating and contacting managers, cover letter scripts, speedy tips to get the most interviews (fast).
    Come see me.
    Peggy McKee
    Career Confidential

  2. tennisflingy2 says:

    I did an experiment the past couple months while searching for a job at age 41. When I filled out the online portions I put down African American and I got called back 8/10 times. Companies have to hit their quotas and amazingly since I have an extremely stable resume, 17 years of experience, and a great degree when I put down BLACK I got the call backs. Very sad now that I am the minority. Your advice is marginal, at best, for a 23 yr old in entry level but for us professionals…….100% awful

  3. Spocktavian says:

    “How to Land a New Job”
    #1: Be black.
    #2 Be a woman.
    #3 Be homosexual.
    #4 Dont be white.
    #5 Dont be a man.
    #6 Dont be heterosexual.

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