Candidate marketing companies are ripping off candidates for thousands and need to be exposed. Learn how to verify if the company is legitimate when they call you. This is your warning what you can do so these companies don’t scam you.

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16 Responses to “Job Seeker Hiring SCAMS and Rip Offs”
  1. 81aherna says:

    Beautiful work sir! Thank you for giving us the heads up! I just got a call today by one of these companies in my area and your video gave me confirmation!

  2. mamsirena1 says:

    Thank you for this post I have posted it on Facebook for my friends to see.

  3. ObiWanBillKenobi says:

    Posted to my LinkedIn. :) 

  4. BradRemillard says:

    @PamelaRP Thanks but join me in getting the word out. Forward to others, post on your facebook, twitter, etc.
    Help others.

  5. BradRemillard says:

    @grimsleyo5 I agree so let everyone know by forwarding this to others. post on facebook, twitter about it.
    We need to alert others.

  6. grimsleyo5 says:

    Pro Source Services …is a big scam! in Clearwater, FL

  7. PamelaRP says:

    Thanks for posting this valuable information. jobs are hard to come by and people need to know all the scams out there. I get calls from temp agencies that say they have work and do not either. In the ads they say they need call center people and later you learn you have to not only have call center experience but have to speak two or three languages yet they never say it in the advertisement. Craigslist is the worst and has tons of scams and job leads like this.

  8. ShadowlostArts says:

    I would say BradRemilard I have had the same experience here in the UK with a similar company who only pays based on commission which is good for anyone who loves working in that kind of environment. But for me part of the job involved giving away your soul/ morals as one would say because for example I would never sell my products to the elderly, disabled or unemployed as I know it is morally wrong in taking advantaged of people who are vulnerable so for me it is a scam!

  9. BradRemillard says:

    Please be sure and pass along to other so they don’t get ripped off. I wish this would go viral so we could put them out of business.

  10. Uvi91 says:

    Good video, and thanks for information. Always good to stop scam artists.

  11. Deskonet says:

    Reality in every day life !

  12. BradRemillard says:

    The important point is to pass on to 10 other people so they can pass it on. That is the only way to put them out of business.

  13. BradRemillard says:

    Thanks. The important part is to get this viral. Please pass on to 10 others and ask the pass on. This is the only way to put them out of business.

  14. desertflower20 says:

    Thanks, it seems you really care, and this is very important as many do not. Thank you for taking the time, you are very right in what your saying. Its happened to me, in my most vulnerable time of need. I really thank you!

  15. TheSeaMyst says:

    I am glad you took the time to do this’

  16. AmericanMale1953 says:

    Brad, Great stuff! I just emailed your video to a giant Job board here in Atlanta,GA. You are are a good soul!
    Thanks, Jack

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