With national unemployment still topping 9 percent, millions are struggling to raise a family as they look for work. Robert Ray has the story of one single father’s job search. (Nov. 4)

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25 Responses to “Jobless in America”
  1. billbutler941 says:

    pls check out my book at scribd.com/bill_butler_7 and pls tell all your friends
    thanks bill butler! jobless for 14 years

  2. reel1840 says:

    were changing now.us we cause we can do beter.state government.3330.

  3. reel1840 says:

    were changing now

  4. abdul398614 says:

    I lost my job today

  5. MinmatarThrasher says:

    Sure that’s correct to a degree. Prioritizing job over love is definetly the way to go.

    However there’s one thing you’re over looking.

    It takes TWO incomes to make ends meet these days. So unless you’re working two jobs (or are a doctor or a lawyer or some other high paying career job) you need a partner to live comfortably. Eventually it’ll be in your best interest to find that love and share a beautiful relationship. So long as that love is also working that is.

  6. Jakzerstoren says:

    you need qualifacation for certain jobs – people are, and always will be lazy and prioritise a job somewhat low… – they need to consider the fact that a job, and money, makes a living… not love.. sure love is needed, but only to a certain extent… i don’t see any rich celebrities complaining about money… all they need (on the other hand) is love… soo… if you are the person looking for love, and love ONLY… you are probably rich (or dumb) enough to prioritise wrongly

  7. Jakzerstoren says:

    a guy named Prentiss

  8. Jakzerstoren says:

    lol prentiss bailey must be the guy voicing ventrilo-now-in-the-lobby-voice XD

  9. Ilikemustard says:


    That’s really stupid, you know.

  10. MinmatarThrasher says:

    I got lucky and landed a retail job a month ago.

    One thing people should look into is certified nursing (or CNA.)

    Nurses of all types are in very high demand nation wide. Granted…you have to be capable of working with the elderly and disabled…but a job’s a job right?

  11. artsylovelylady says:

    Someone who has aspirations that their daughter’s future will become greater than her current circumstances.

  12. Typhoonbladefist says:

    Do you have any idea what the more realistic numbers are that don’t take into account people scraping by with min wage jobs or temp jobs?

  13. Haseeb2 says:

    This is really bad but I think those who have had big time jobs with an expensive car and mortgage and a family would get hit the worse.

  14. bigjohnson9687 says:

    1 in 15 Americans lives off an income of $11,000 a year.

  15. bigjohnson9687 says:


  16. anatureperson says:

    Government propaganda.

  17. VirginiaTagz says:

    People look at stories like this and tend to seek the big climax where Princess grows up becomes a super successful recording artist or philanthropist where she can use her story to inspire others but although that is possible the reality is there are millions, millions of others like her and billions in worse conditions across the world. This is the struggle of many and as we hope for a happy ending we have to look at whats wrong with our system that allows this to continue.

  18. Josephdaz1 says:

    Ron Paul 2012! “Just go out and talk to the people – unemployment rate in the true numbers (is) over 20%, so there’s been a depression,” Paul said after an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

  19. Ebrandow86 says:

    When are they going to do a story on those who have found jobs and get some advice? For once, it would be nice to see something positive instead of depressing. Give America back their hope!

  20. BuddyIStalking says:

    of course they pick a black family

  21. vladdrac88 says:

    Put the military budget into re industrializing America and the employment problems will go away. The military budget is only being used to protect the private interests of oil billionaires anyway.

  22. CitizenTyrant says:

    its his own fault. if y

  23. JoyceJeffersonTV says:

    There are working Americans living in homeless shelters! I hope he finds work. America is getting sadder and sadder everyday!

  24. vycaso says:

    Damn that shelter looks like military barracks man I’m feeling a negative vibe and i’m trying to leave my military days behind.

  25. JoyceJeffersonTV says:

    - And they are also hiring other people from other countries. I live in Florida. I see it all of the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we need to HIRE AMERICANS FIRST!

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