Landmark Education Forum Leader David Cunningham was recently interviewed by NBC on the topic of creating a job you love in the midst of a recession.

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7 Responses to “Landmark Education Forum Leader re: Dream Job”
  1. olgaloves2boogie says:

    What a great interview! I’ve done many of Landmark Education’s programs and they’ve helped me get what I want in my career/business – ie teaching people how to Latin dance. I gave up my day job in December 2009 and am now full time with the business. I got the courage, confidence and freedom to go for what I wanted and to stop tolerating things in my life that I’m not passionate about.

  2. heartman3x3 says:

    There is some great information here that really works…

  3. jkkirin says:

    He makes good, solid points just common sense in today’s world. 1. Be Clear about what you want 2. Network/communicate with others 3. Get outside the box-Go beyond how you are.

  4. devaka7 says:

    Not true Asteroide. In fact, they say up front that you can take or leave their advice and that it is only one way of achieving your goals.
    I have personally seen this change people’s lives for the better, over and over again.

  5. asteroide says:

    This is great for people who never had that motivation or common sense, but this ‘landmark’ group followers work with the the conviction that no one is not satisfied with their lives and therefore wrong not to follow their advice…there’s a reason they are not welcome in some countries

  6. edwardesq says:

    well said David LE leader

  7. mklein818 says:

    David Cunningham at his direct, positive and engaging best. Great to see an LF leader out there and engaging the media and sharing the technology.

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