– Episode four is a recap of my blog post Beauty is Skin Deep on Love and Grace How do we define beauty? How much does the outward appearance play in our selection of who we date? How does how we are judged by others influence our view of our own self worth? -Candra Evans

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3 Responses to “Love and Grace and Beauty Ep 4”
  1. TheSingleStatus says:

    “We need to work on the inner man first” “who is ready for a heart makeover” I LOVE what you’re saying here. You are ON POINT!!!

  2. loveandgracemedia says:

    Thank you! And when you feel beautiful on the inside (because your heart is good) that beauty will manifest on the outside.

  3. SavvyPearl says:

    A heart makeover is essential to one’s growth and maturity in Jesus Christ. I know that in order for me to be positioned so that my husband could find me I had to allow the LORD to make me over. Great vlog! Keep them coming! :)

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