Linda Ginac, MS in Career Development, Master Professional in Career Management (MPCM) speaks about her passion helping others reach their career aspirations. A certified career coach will help find the right career. Learn how to apply your talent to a new industry, develop in your chosen career path, or transform yourself. The Ginac Group ( is a full-service career development company serving individuals and organizations. We dedicate our lives to delivering unparalleled services to professionals in the areas of: career transition, career planning, job search strategy, interview training, networking, and professional development. Visit us at for more information!

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10 Responses to “Master Career Coach Linda Ginac on Career Passion”
  1. CareerConfidential says:

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    Topics: locating and contacting managers, cover letter scripts, speedy tips to get the most interviews (fast).
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  2. Fawazalikhan says:

    Linda Ginac , u r doing an amazing job !

  3. slapcompany says:

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  4. newyearjew says:

    I’m too selfish for this career.

  5. Rasa19750109 says:

    let me be as you wow amazing very amazing

  6. optinetgroup says:

    Perfect. Linda has a great Professional Career Management certification program. Having worked with over 500 career transition clients when I discovered Linda and her company I realized that she had the perfect answer to address the career management needs of virtually all clients with clients being addressed as unique individuals and not simply to be worked with using a one-fits-all process.

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  9. Brad300909 says:

    It’s all about finding your passion! :)

  10. Hambo04 says:

    Careers guidance is a truly rewarding career

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