I beat out over 8500 applicants on Monster.com to become the head blogger for a new site that Alicia Keys is launching, IAmASuperWoman.com. I was born to working class parents and worked hard to get a full scholarship to college before getting my first break as a writer at “The Village Voice”. I then served as an online editor at Martha Stewart, where I increased total page views by 500% and spearheaded the “Dreamers Into Doers” project. According to Alicia Keys, “Monster was a fantastic partner in helping us find Alexis, who will help us shape a smart, dynamic and fun new platform that will celebrate and champion the voices of women.” Become a champion in the job search. Tell other people how you got your job on Monster.com at success.monster.com.

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3 Responses to “Monster Success Story- Alexis Tirado”
  1. BarBi3Skittles says:

    i met Alexis Tirado today !! :)

  2. TerryOBrien1980 says:

    Great testimonial.

  3. NessaCue says:

    CONGRATS ALEXIS!! Good to know we have such lovely and talented ladies in the family!

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