Okay, so my friends and I had the brilliant idea of moving some Bibles to the Christian Fiction section. If your extremely against this, I’m going to have to ask you to refrain from damning me to Hell. kthnx.

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25 Responses to “Moving Bibles to the Fiction Section”
  1. andrewpn says:

    You ladies are legendary.

  2. cookie12243 says:


    Except atheism isn’t a religion you twit.

  3. RupertAndStewie says:

    ooooooh you guys are bad

  4. badpanda84 says:

    @WiggaMachiavelli Lol have you seen the attrocies commit in the old testement – It definetly not for children

  5. turfguy87 says:

    haha ugly trolls think thats so clever & funny……..

  6. Lupus27 says:

    This isn’t funny, clever, or accurate in regards to how literature is categorized.

  7. Hitoliloquy says:

    Hahahah! As religious a person I am. I always wanted to try this! Except I wanted put to them in the regular Fiction section.

  8. ymechaiekh says:

    enunciate? was he talking?

  9. MaliciousMalice says:

    Blatant troll is blatant.

  10. spungii117 says:

    Hows it like getting trolled?

  11. scribbullproductions says:

    The lord hath not blessed thee with the gift of grammar.

  12. spungii117 says:

    Obvious troll is obvious

  13. scribbullproductions says:

    @spungii117 First of all, learn to enunciate. Second, I am no “Christ troll”; Christ can do his own omnipresent trolling.

  14. spungii117 says:

    Christ troll found i see what you did there!

  15. scribbullproductions says:

    Oh you cheeky little sinners, you! Someone’s going to get a smiting tonight! While you’re at it, go ahead and move all the atheist books to the religion section.

  16. ericplayzbass2 says:

    one time i went to a book store and put stickers that said “SPOILER: Jesus Dies!” all over the bibles.

  17. WiggaMachiavelli says:


  18. Neogothic says:

    I’d call my claims fairly accurate and well-founded…but I do see your point, I’ll remove my comment.

  19. WiggaMachiavelli says:

    What I meant was, that by lumping all the mean words you can think of on them, without considering the accuracy, you are making atheists looks stoopered.

  20. Neogothic says:

    Well I do appologise..

    I’ve had a few less than savoury run-ins with Christianity though so I’m naturally fairly disapproving of it…

  21. WiggaMachiavelli says:

    Your behaviour is making the rest of us look bad.

  22. WiggaMachiavelli says:

    So is Twilight, and that’s a big hit with the chilluns.

  23. Dramphooey says:

    No, it does not! That book is violent and pornographic! Children should never be exposed to a Bible!

  24. WiggaMachiavelli says:

    This both offends and disgusts me.

    The Bible belongs in the Children’s Literature section.

  25. mwdorris says:

    I don’t know you; but I love you both. I am now inspired to do this myself.

    Sucks for the employees, but if I worked there, I probably would wait until some damn Christian fool said something before fixing it.

    My best bible gag is leaving little notes inside hotel bibles telling people it is a lie and such. Ahh, good times.

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