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25 Responses to “My TV News Makeup Routine for HD”
  1. Morgan KG says:

    Loving this video–very interesting !

  2. sanctified101209 says:

    Wow! I wish u could do my makeup!

  3. tommygirl20247 says:

    I use both the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder in Translucent and
    Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural too :) love them, they are amazing!!! recommend them, they are worth the price

  4. RLyons86 says:

    Been watching you for a while and comment here and there… just wanted to say how beautiful you are… both inside and out and that I love all your helpful tips for the makeup-illiterate out there… (: Love the video!

  5. christyxo29 says:

    Hey ladies, in case you’re bored and looking for new channels to visit :) I’d love to invite you to stop by mine ❤ it’s always great meeting new friends. Nonetheless thanks for reading, and I wish you a beautiful day!❤

  6. marri212 says:

    I NEVER comment on your videos, but I honestly have to say I really love watching your videos. I honestly feel like I learn so much from you, and I also feel happy seeing you use products I can actually afford to go and buy myself! You’re one of my favorite makeup guru’s, and I will forever watch and learn from your videos. You’re so beautiful Emily! Hope all is going well!

  7. thegirl namedjenna says:

    where do you work?

  8. LOLhahahahaa says:

    I also have another question, I see some people on tv that are not that tan, can I become a tv news cast even though I am not as tan?

  9. LOLhahahahaa says:

    Do you have to work with alot of people being a newscast? Or is it the same people everyday? Because I want to be a news caster but I am very quiet and awkward around new people..

  10. elinore cohen says:

    wich state do u live on that ur on tv? wich show?

  11. Amanda Culley says:

    love ur vids emily always polished and elegant. I have been nominated to be d irish version of what not to wear called off the rails I lost 8 stone thats 112 lbs in weight and my friend in work olivia sent in a nomination for me shes a sweetie anyways ur my guru for tv makeup im seriously studing this video. u look fantastic as always god bless u hope cupcake is well.

  12. thobbit60 says:

    There are two things to avoid for flash photography makeup. They are sunscreen ingredients and silica powder. Use foundations that do not contain sunscreen for events when flash photograhy will be present. Also, avoid any setting powders that have silica as a main ingredient like ELF HD, or NYX HD Studio Finish Powders (the new all white powders) they will all cause white flash back.

  13. thobbit60 says:

    All people of all ages who work in front of cameras from news anchors to TV and big screen actors wear many layers of makeup products when they are on camera. So telling her to tone down her on screen makeup is like telling a police officer to not wear his uniform, it is a necessary component of her work attire.

  14. dana t says:

    o wait jkkkk SHE SAID SHE DOESNT

  15. dana t says:

    wait if you are a newscaster, doesn’t the people that work on the news channel do her makeup?

  16. Hunyeewong10 says:

    Thanks for the video, really helpful x

  17. CherylBabie says:

    u are literally 28!!??

  18. Leona Gilvin says:

    I came across this tutorial and I really like that you dont play up a prissy voice for your videos. 10 thumbs up for that!! I watched the whole 21 minutes without forwarding it was informative and classy. Im now a subscriber. very pretty, natural, and realistic stuff.

  19. Mila Reyes says:

    wow cant believe you did this ALL with drugstore makeup! Impressed!!!
    great videos! Your def an artist!!!
    thank you! so fun to watch

  20. Janel Contreras says:


  21. NENiitA28 says:

    You are honestly the best make up guru! you explain everything so welll! thank yoou

  22. cherishmemkids3 says:

    She wears heavier makeup than most of us because she’s in front of the camera as a new reporter and as a YouTube Guru. Otherwise, she would look washed out and none of us would be able to see the colors she is applying on her face, reviewing, swatching, etc. If you watch her Vlogs, the makeup she wears is not heavy because she’s not doing the news or guruing it on her main YT makeup channel.

  23. MsTeeHee0 says:

    What news channel are you on?!?!?!

  24. Eva Huang says:

    wayyy to much makeup i was shocked when i found out you were 28 or something, i still love you reccomendations and helpfulness but please lay off the heavy layers trust me its better in the long run 

  25. TheMiddleSchoolLife says:

    So. Much. Makeup. O_O Really gorgeous look though, the eyeliner ( liquid ) looks amazing for me, as well. :O

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