ob Chat is presented by New Landings (www.NLJC.org) a not for profit organization. Our Mission: To empower individuals to invest their expertise, work together and drive community solutions that address unemployment. Our Vision: At New Landings, we redefine the way people view career transition by actively providing resources and new avenues to showcase their skills. We liberate individuals from the bounds of traditional thinking enabling them to create and engage with meaningful work. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Mike Tracy is the Managing Principal at Omni Employment Management Services, www.OnmiEmployment.com. Some items covered in this Job Chat include: 1. Finding Talent — a Search Firm’s Perspective a. What is your view on client needs and expectations .. especially when they’re paying you to help them find someone? b. What’s your process and how much time do you spend trying to find the ‘perfect’ candidate for your client? c. Is it really any easier or harder to find a job today than before the economic challenge? 2. When and How to Leverage Recruitment Firms a. What is your recommendation on how job seekers should network /utilize recruitment firms? b. How can someone best prepare themselves to be attracted by recruitment firms as a candidate?

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