After nearly 5 seasons of blood, sweat, and tears, Brent Harvanator has finally made it. At The Bash. the man who has called himself “The Future” triumphed over The Miz and Randy Orton, two of Smackdown’s top superstars, to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, in what was truly a career making moment. His first title defense is tonight; after complaining publically to management last week, a seemingly changed Christian was granted a World Heavyweight title opportunity! The now former champion The Miz will be in action tonight too, facing his former tag team partner John Morrison in singles competition. Dolph Ziggler successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship at The Bash against Raw’s Javori Smart. Tonight a number one contender for Ziggler’s title will be named, as Jack Swagger takes on The Wingmaster. Who will be heading to Summerslam with a shot at the Intercontinental Championship in their pocket? And finally, the nefarious Maria Lopez defeated The Woman in the Red Dress to retain the Divas Championship. At Summerslam, announced right here, right now, she will defend the title in a 4-Diva battle royal against Lillith Miller, Maryse, and Layla. Tonight Miller and the Woman in the red dress team up to face Lopez and Layla. FULL CARD: World Heavyweight Championship: Brent Harvanator vs Christian Singles Match: The Miz vs John Morrison Number One Contender’s Match (Intercontinental Title): Jack Swagger vs The Wingmaster Tag Match: Lillith Miller and The

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11 Responses to “New-WWE Smackdown Episode 173 (Part 4/4)”
  1. awesomegamer264 says:

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  8. awesomegamer264 says:

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  9. awesomegamer264 says:

    @NAWDannyJackpot you are on a role too bad you aren’t respecting the kayfabe by saying danny sucks

  10. NAWDannyJackpot says:

    and then chalk that one up in the win column

  11. awesomegamer264 says:

    i feel bad for brent

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