www.ClearedJobs.Net. HR Strategist Patra Frame helps you get started on the right foot in your new job. Many of the failures in job performance, and therefore losses of job, can be traced back to the actual start of the new job. How do you think about how can I start right so I can succeed? First of all you should be thinking about this of course throughout your job search. But now you have gotten the job offer and you are trying to decide, should I accept it or shouldn’t I. You want to be sure you are accepting the job offer because it’s the right opportunity for you and it offers what you need to succeed. Once you do that you want to think about your starting in a real professional, smart way. Give yourself a break before you start. Take that week or two or whatever to get ready to have a break to renew your energy, to do whatever, so you are ready to start when you actually start the job. It’s really tough to go into a job immediately as soon as you’re accepted, although many of us — especially if we’ve been unemployed for a while — think we can do that. Then when you get on that new job start smart, listen, learn. Learn about your boss. Learn about the people you are going to work with. How do you do that? Well obviously you talk to them. You ask questions before you start making pronouncements. You want to sit down with your boss that very first week and go back through his understanding of your job role and the scope of it, and how it works with the rest of his

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